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The Dangers Of Nutrasweet And Other Artificial Sweeteners

written by Nana

You should avoid artificial sweeteners for many reasons. First of all, when your body breaks them down, their toxins are released into your body and can affect nerve cells. Second, the sweetness of artificially flavored food causes your body to expect some calories with it, and since it isn’t getting any, causes your body to crave more food. You are much better off using honey to sweeten food since it is a whole food, not a processed one and includes several wonderful compounds in it such as macronutrients,  micronutrients, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics.

Other natural sweeteners are Stevia and Agave Nectar.

Here is an informative video from Fox News on the dangers of Nutrasweet. It’s an “ignored epidemic” according to a doctor who has studied the side effects. In 1975, the approval process for allowing aspartame was put on hold because of the horrible health problems it caused and in 1980 the Public Board Of Inquiry ruled unanymously that it should NOT go on the market. With the next administration in the White House and a changing of the guard, bribes must have been offered so that it would be approved to be put in food. In our government, it’s not about our health, it’s about the MONEY. You could thank Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes for allowing millions of people to be poisoned by aspartame, except he died in 2010. The New York Times glosses over his impact on this issue.




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